Yantis First Grade

Yantis First Grade

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A portion of all proceeds will be donated to your school’s PTO.

Your box will be delivered to your school before the first day of class.


1 Cardstock- White
1 Construction Paper- SOLID 9x12
4 Crayons- 24ct-Crayola
1pkg Eraser- Pencil Cap
3 Folder- PAPER- Brads/Pockets
1 Folder- Plastic- Pocket/Brads BLUE
1 Glue Elmers - 4oz bottle
10 Glue Stick Elmers
1 Headphones
1 Kleenex
1 Pencil Pouch Zipper with holes
6 Pencils-Ticonderoga
1 Scissors Fiskars- 5'' Pointed tip
2 Spiral- 1 subject
1 Ziplock Bag- Gallon